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Red Rocket repaint

TR-2/3/4 engine building tips

Aluminum Front Hubs

TR-3/4 to TR-6 Front Suspension Upgrade

VIR 2009

Old Blue

Old Blue's demise

New Blue Construction

New Blue in action

Triumph Parts ("uncle jack's")

Mid-Ohio 2002

Mosport 2003

Grattan 2003

VIR 2004

Radiator page

Aluminum Radiator

2008-2009 rebuild

2007-2008 rebuild

Dual circuit brakes

Rollbar detail

Talbot Engine


Tony's 1st TR-4


Thanksgiving 2007

JBL L-100 Century speakers

2002 Chevy Bose Aux Jack Install

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(Click on the thumbnails for full size picture)

Cracked Head:

2012_0331Head_Crack0007.JPG (1582934 bytes)

Tim Murphy's Clutch research spreadsheet:

This is the link to the spreadsheet - Clutch parts TR-2 to TR-6 from Moss


Heartland Park Topeka, 8/20-8/22/2010 all Triumph event results

This is the link to the PDF file

HVR Shirt Front:

Picture 1.png (502382 bytes)


KastnerBackUse.jpg (162658 bytes)

Air Horns on the car

Air Horns 1.JPG (100230 bytes)    Air Horns 2.JPG (109516 bytes)

Down the throat of the Air Horns

Air Horn Throat 1.JPG (97056 bytes)    Air Horn Throat 2.JPG (110232 bytes)

Paint, Polished (look at reflection)

Paint Polished.JPG (94337 bytes)

Paint, Unpolished (same item in reflection)

Paint Unpolished.JPG (96821 bytes)

Christmas 2003 slideshow (right click, save as)


Wiring Diagram

Tony Wiring 4th pass.jpg (85697 bytes)

Hoosier Pictures (cracks in early manufacturing run Speedster) - click on thumbnails to see big picture...

Tire 1 (blurry pictures show crack depth to be 1/8"):

Tire1Close.JPG (295292 bytes)   Tire1Far.JPG (593008 bytes)   Tire1Code.JPG (362898 bytes)   Tire1Depth1.JPG (287276 bytes)

Tire1Depth2.JPG (226352 bytes)   Tire1Depth3.JPG (254506 bytes)

Tire 2:

Tire2Close1.JPG (313698 bytes)   Tire2Close2.JPG (268484 bytes)   Tire2Code.JPG (261684 bytes)