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Engine on engine stand

01EngineOnStand.JPG (191072 bytes)

Number 4 cylinder (measures at 87 mm)

02Number4Cyl.JPG (156266 bytes)

Flywheel end of crank

03CrankEnd.JPG (159144 bytes)

Number 4 piston and rod

04Number4Piston1.JPG (135386 bytes)   05Number4Piston2.JPG (129022 bytes)

06Number4Piston3.JPG (95043 bytes)   07Number4Piston4.JPG (80589 bytes)


08Head1.JPG (171450 bytes)   09Head2.JPG (109875 bytes)

10Head3.JPG (187358 bytes)   11Head4.JPG (163712 bytes)

Extra front plate

12FrontPlate.JPG (85573 bytes)

Aluminum flywheel

13AluminumFlywheel.JPG (124426 bytes)

Pile of parts - includes ARE steel flywheel (bolt holes need to be reamed to 7/16), clutch disk, water pump housing, water pump, take-off oil pump, intake manifold, new pushrods, rocker stand studs / nuts, new resurfaced tappets, gaskets

14PileOParts1.JPG (155585 bytes)

Pile of parts 2 - includes valve cover, rocker assembly, pressure plate, alternator pulley, main / rod bearings for old crank, misc parts

15PileOParts2.JPG (141795 bytes)


16Crank.JPG (203859 bytes)

Not pictured, but located: Original Isky cam and followers (tappets)